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Saturday, February 6, 2010

what is Facebook trying to tell me?

Im one of those people who always has their Iphone in there hand.
If not in my hand then, in my pocket, or closest flat surface. At work it's not used much, unless I'm in the office. Then I spend much of the day, downloading free apps. I could be an, official free app tester!

One of my favorite free apps, is Facebook.
I don't have access to a computer during the day, so it' comes in handy. I like to use it on my breaks, this helps keep up with everyone. Before I had the app, I had to spend extra time scrolling down the updates. The app also has a sync to contacts, where it will upload everyones Facebook Avatar, as their profile picture in the contacts. How cools is that?

This is where the humor comes in.

This is my wife! (not suppose to be laughing yet)
That's the picture she uses as her Facebook Avatar. It's from our wedding. Many people have told me she looks like Princess Diana.

Now I sync my Facebook app to my contacts on my phone, and this Lady starts calling me.

The strange thing is she sounds just like my wife. She evan asked me the same questions, "did you leave work already?", "Can you stop and get milk?", "can you bring some wood in?" My reply "Who the ---- is this?" Not recommended......

My question, What is Facebook trying to tell me?


Farmer Jane February 6, 2010 at 2:56 PM  

Sounds like a good old fashion "got your lines crossed".

Ah those were the days... *cue the 'bloo bloo bloo' Mike Myers flashback effects from Wayne's World*

"no sir you need to relinquish this line, you are interfering with official business here... no... no I will not hang up, I was here first... NO, I'm speaking with a customer long distance, sir..."

(Official business was someone with too much money calling out of state to a distant Macys store to find a particular pair of pants in her size... much needed amusement for an otherwise boring day. BTW I think I was the only one in that store who didn't have a stick shoved so far up their butt that I actually found the crossed lines slapschtick funny.)

...just don't download the movie Changling and I think you'll be otay!

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