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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Authored by Rickey Combs

When our air conditioning broke at the beginning of the summer I thought we were all going to die, literally. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Texas but let me tell you, it gets SOME kind of hot here and we were of course in the middle of a heat wave. I went to HTTP://WWW.TEXASELECTRICITYPROVIDERS.COM to look into energy providers while we were waiting on the guy to come out and I’m glad we did since it ended up costing an arm and a leg to replace the whole system. Turns out it had been over 15 years old, though, so this new one should keep running for a really long time. It better for what we paid for it! I sometimes wish we lived somewhere that didn’t get so hot in the summers but other times I think about how much I love Texas and how I wouldn’t know what to do if we moved away from here. Oh well, I guess like everything in life, it’s a trade off.


Laugh at my expense!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leaving to go snowboarding tomorrow!

I wanted to leave you with a video I spliced together of some of our trips. I don't have many years snowboarding, but I have a big heart, so I eat a lot of snow. I do try to stay away from the yellow snow!!!

Thank You Steriogram for allowing me to use Walkie Talkie Man on my video!


What is Facebook......

what is Facebook trying to tell me?

Im one of those people who always has their Iphone in there hand.
If not in my hand then, in my pocket, or closest flat surface. At work it's not used much, unless I'm in the office. Then I spend much of the day, downloading free apps. I could be an, official free app tester!

One of my favorite free apps, is Facebook.
I don't have access to a computer during the day, so it' comes in handy. I like to use it on my breaks, this helps keep up with everyone. Before I had the app, I had to spend extra time scrolling down the updates. The app also has a sync to contacts, where it will upload everyones Facebook Avatar, as their profile picture in the contacts. How cools is that?

This is where the humor comes in.

This is my wife! (not suppose to be laughing yet)
That's the picture she uses as her Facebook Avatar. It's from our wedding. Many people have told me she looks like Princess Diana.

Now I sync my Facebook app to my contacts on my phone, and this Lady starts calling me.

The strange thing is she sounds just like my wife. She evan asked me the same questions, "did you leave work already?", "Can you stop and get milk?", "can you bring some wood in?" My reply "Who the ---- is this?" Not recommended......

My question, What is Facebook trying to tell me?


Another prank

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm still in aw, from all the comments, I recieved from my wordless wednesday, titled "The Cat's In The Kettle". I wanted to tell you about how that picture came to be. If youn don't mind going on a little fictional adventure, then read on.

Most days, my wife has dinner ready and on my plate. I can pretty much walk in the door sit down and eat. I don't know how she times it so perfectly, but she does, and I apprieciate it. There are those days, when I have to fend for myself.

Those days are uasually referred to as "girls night out". This is when I get bored and hungry not a good combination. Especially when you try mixing the two together. Now back to picture, Hector the instigator (dog) talks me into ordering Chinese food. That will take care of the hunger now for the bordom. This is how it turned out.........

I did not make or own this video, it was found on Youtube...


The cat's in the kettle!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

The cat's in the kettle


Month Recap

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I decided to do a monthly recap.

I Picked out the post, that I thought, had the most potential, to make you laugh. Almost all my post do that! If you are a common visitor, here's your chance to read a post you might of missed. If your a new visitor, you may want to read all of them. If you want to help me out comment and tweet your favorite post.

"where's the hooker?" hilarious true story
"Eye for detail" what every guy would draw
"pee or not to pee?" can you pee when someone is watching?
"wii Pee" There's is a market for this
"Everybody was...." can you finish the lyrics to this?
"Shhh I have a secret" Harmless prank
"Picking up girls 101" my son is writing the book
"Real men wear pink" How could I say no
"No Band-aid can fix this" but plastic surgery can

MckLinky Blog Hop


no Band-aid can fix this.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dad Blogs

This week, for wordless Wednesday, I decide to post a picture of my adorable son. You can check the out picture here, then come back, asking what happen? Then read on for the unbelievable story of how he ended up in his first cast, yea I said FIRST, meaning there was, and will be more.

before I get to that I want to play a video, for two reasons. One, I know you come here for a laugh, although the story really is not funny. Two, It's the main reason he's sporting that lovely colorful cast. After you stop laughing from the video, if you find it funny, ask yourself, "What could this video do, with causing a two year old, to need 2 surgeries, 2 cast, and more on the way?"

Here's the video.....

It was Christmas we went to my Wife's Aunts house. Her Aunt, also named Nancy, has everyone come over every Christmas. She's all alone, and her birthday falls close to the holiday. Needless to say, It's a big event, lots of people and a great time..... normally.

My son was playing with the other kids, when his ball rolled under a chair. It was a rocker slash recliner. While he was reaching the person in the chair moved unknowingly that he was reaching under it. We heard the scream and rushed over. My son when he gets hurts just likes to cuddle with mom, if anyone goes near him during this time, he just gets mad, and will scream, and cry more. Being where we were this was difficult.

When we picked him up, and looked at his finger there was no blood. We were relieved and thinking, it just pinched him. My wife sat down with him to calm him down. After shoeing off the crowd, I noticed the part of his nail that goes into the cuticle, was sitting on top. The chair must of hit the very tip of his finger, causing the other end of the nail to teeter out of the cuticle.

I didn't know what to do, and thought it would be best to take him to the ER.(big mistake) He stopped crying before we even got there. We did have fun playing, watching TV, talking to other patience, surprising a few we new, for about 5 hours. When the doctor finally saw us, he told us, the procedure says to put the nail back under the cuticle. I asked him if we left it off if a new one would just grow out. The was yes, but there's a slight chance the canal may start to close and then the nail would grow disfigured. Then he ask "do you really want to take that chance?" I replied "no", but I should of said yes and left.

They started the procedure, they gave him Novocain, and he begins to cry. My wife and I begin crying too. They place the nail on and then use a band-aid to hold the nail there. This band-aid didn't have a white pad on it, it was all sticky. It came off a roll like the tape they use to hold gauze pads on. He told us to leave it on for 2 1/2 weeks. Not to soak it but it can get wet after a few days. eventually the new nail will grow out and the tape would either come off on it's own or we could take it off.

That's not how it happen, the car ride he feel a sleep, but woke up screaming. Maybe the Novocain wearing off, or waking up with all that's happen, I wasn't sure. Being two he couldn't use his words very well, but he was pretty moody for a few days. We brought him to pediacare a few times concerned about his finger. The tip of finger where we could see looked purple, Thought to be bruise from the chair crushing his finger. Unfortunately it was lack of circulation.

The doctor rapped his finger to tight, didn't allow for swelling.
My sons next surgery Feb 19th, what color will his third cast be?


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