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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I decided to do a monthly recap.

I Picked out the post, that I thought, had the most potential, to make you laugh. Almost all my post do that! If you are a common visitor, here's your chance to read a post you might of missed. If your a new visitor, you may want to read all of them. If you want to help me out comment and tweet your favorite post.

"where's the hooker?" hilarious true story
"Eye for detail" what every guy would draw
"pee or not to pee?" can you pee when someone is watching?
"wii Pee" There's is a market for this
"Everybody was...." can you finish the lyrics to this?
"Shhh I have a secret" Harmless prank
"Picking up girls 101" my son is writing the book
"Real men wear pink" How could I say no
"No Band-aid can fix this" but plastic surgery can

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no Band-aid can fix this.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dad Blogs

This week, for wordless Wednesday, I decide to post a picture of my adorable son. You can check the out picture here, then come back, asking what happen? Then read on for the unbelievable story of how he ended up in his first cast, yea I said FIRST, meaning there was, and will be more.

before I get to that I want to play a video, for two reasons. One, I know you come here for a laugh, although the story really is not funny. Two, It's the main reason he's sporting that lovely colorful cast. After you stop laughing from the video, if you find it funny, ask yourself, "What could this video do, with causing a two year old, to need 2 surgeries, 2 cast, and more on the way?"

Here's the video.....

It was Christmas we went to my Wife's Aunts house. Her Aunt, also named Nancy, has everyone come over every Christmas. She's all alone, and her birthday falls close to the holiday. Needless to say, It's a big event, lots of people and a great time..... normally.

My son was playing with the other kids, when his ball rolled under a chair. It was a rocker slash recliner. While he was reaching the person in the chair moved unknowingly that he was reaching under it. We heard the scream and rushed over. My son when he gets hurts just likes to cuddle with mom, if anyone goes near him during this time, he just gets mad, and will scream, and cry more. Being where we were this was difficult.

When we picked him up, and looked at his finger there was no blood. We were relieved and thinking, it just pinched him. My wife sat down with him to calm him down. After shoeing off the crowd, I noticed the part of his nail that goes into the cuticle, was sitting on top. The chair must of hit the very tip of his finger, causing the other end of the nail to teeter out of the cuticle.

I didn't know what to do, and thought it would be best to take him to the ER.(big mistake) He stopped crying before we even got there. We did have fun playing, watching TV, talking to other patience, surprising a few we new, for about 5 hours. When the doctor finally saw us, he told us, the procedure says to put the nail back under the cuticle. I asked him if we left it off if a new one would just grow out. The was yes, but there's a slight chance the canal may start to close and then the nail would grow disfigured. Then he ask "do you really want to take that chance?" I replied "no", but I should of said yes and left.

They started the procedure, they gave him Novocain, and he begins to cry. My wife and I begin crying too. They place the nail on and then use a band-aid to hold the nail there. This band-aid didn't have a white pad on it, it was all sticky. It came off a roll like the tape they use to hold gauze pads on. He told us to leave it on for 2 1/2 weeks. Not to soak it but it can get wet after a few days. eventually the new nail will grow out and the tape would either come off on it's own or we could take it off.

That's not how it happen, the car ride he feel a sleep, but woke up screaming. Maybe the Novocain wearing off, or waking up with all that's happen, I wasn't sure. Being two he couldn't use his words very well, but he was pretty moody for a few days. We brought him to pediacare a few times concerned about his finger. The tip of finger where we could see looked purple, Thought to be bruise from the chair crushing his finger. Unfortunately it was lack of circulation.

The doctor rapped his finger to tight, didn't allow for swelling.
My sons next surgery Feb 19th, what color will his third cast be?


Real Men Where pink!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Picking up girls 101 (Ditch The Dad)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My son is turning four in March, and I found out today, I already cramp his style. We went to a one year old birthday party. It was for my wife's cousin, daughter, so 2nd cousin to him right? Anyways out of all the family that was there, and these aren't people he sees everyday, he was able to find a non family member to hit on.

It started off with a game of hide and seek, my son, Victoria, and Jaclyn. Victoria and Jaclyn were sisters. Jaclyn my sons age and Victoria, maybe three or four years older. They played for awhile until Jaclyn feel down, and cried. Perfect timing for the food to come out.

Robbie insisted he sat with his new friend. I walked over to the table and ask if we could sit with them. The father said sure, so Robbie sat down next to Victoria. He started off to tell her how when he was two he use to color his nails with markers, but mommy would get mad. yea a bit embarrassing for me, but then I notice, her nails were painted. Is this a classic move straight out of the book.

You probably seen movies about some schmuck who is in love with a girl, and just can't talk to her. Then a best friend or somebody, coaches him on how to act, and what to say. It's usually pick something out about her, and tell her you like it. Tell her you like her hair, or how beautiful her eyes are. I sat there asking myself, is he making friendly conversation or is he actually trying to pick her up?

As I started to ponder.....
(He ask her name earlier, she replied "Victoria". He then replied "That's a Beautiful name") Then my son taps me, and ask me "will you go play with someone else? your bothering me." For real? I'll admit I did keep interrupting their conversations with remarks like "stop playing with her hair" and "let go of her shirt". Still can't believe he said it..... Do I cry or laugh?

Todays lesson Ditch The Dad!


Shhh I have a secret!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This post is about, my sons first prank. A prank he still loves to do today, and although it may be getting old for momma, I still love when he does it. It reminds me of the first time he tried it.

It was bedtime, time to kiss and say goodnite to daddy. Sometimes he's moody and doesn't want to, but I need a big hug from my boy before he goes to sleep. I don't see him all day so these hugs are important to me.

I get his attention by telling him "I wanna tell you a secret". I know better! He takes after his mom, and can't keep a secret. He finaly comes over I cup his ear, take a deep breath, and give a fast quick blow to the outside of his ear.

He thought it was hysterical."let me do you" his says. I play along, and act like I wasn't ecspecting it. I jump, we laugh, then momma yells down from his room "are you ready?"

She tucks him in at night. I tell him to go head up. I see in his face he's gonna tell momma his new secret. I follow from behind, because I didn't want to miss it.

"Momma, I wanna tell you a secret" he yells going up the stairs. She leans over he cups her ear, and starts laughing. He tries three times, and everytime he burst out laughing. The fourth time he tries to blow, but again he is laughing.

Do you know what it looks and sounds like, when you try to blow as your laughing?

My wife still doesn't know what's so funny, looking at me, like just tell me. Finally he tells me to do it. She jumps, but doesn't think it's as a funny as me and my son do.

Have a similar story? I'd love to hear about it leave a comment with a link to it. Who just leave a comment on my story!

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Everybody was......

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

Ever look at a picture and a song just pops into your head. Well......

Everytime I look at this picture, I hear "everybody was, Kung Fu Fighting". A song from Carl Douglas, which I didn't know until I decided to write this blog. I found that info out from Lyrics playground. They also said it was recorded by The Drifters, Bus Stop, and la Muerte.

La what? I can't pronounce it, well at least I don't think I'm pronounceing it right. Ok Obviously I'm not, because I don't talk outloud as I write my blogs. Should I? Do You?

You can download this song at Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting - Kung Fu Fighting


Wii pee........

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I came across a video on Youtube, and the fact that my last post was on the same subject, I decided it would be a good time to ask, how do you teach your son to pee with good aim? Is it even possible?

I dread when we are at a friends or relatives, and he comes yelling "I have to pee". When we are at home. I'm prepared with windex, paper towels, gloves, ect. When I go in with him I pray, I don't come out looking like I was front row a Gallagher show.

The first problem is he waits till he's gonna explode. He's literally a walking water balloon. Luckily he has never popped, or broken the seal before making it to the bathroom. Now I go in there with him for two reasons. The first reason is to coach him by yelling, "Look where your peeing", "why are you looking at the ceiling?" "don't worry about the empty toilet paper roll". The second reason is to save on paper towels, windex, and time cleaning up our bathroom.

I can't even imaging what goes on in there with out someone to remind him, he's peeing, and where the pee is suppose to be going. which brings me to the Youtube video! I don't believe it's real, but I really think there's a market for it, and that market would be us parents who need to teach their sons good aim.

I think the person in the video uses the same technique as my son!


Pee, or not, to pee!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


If this didn't make you pee just a little bit, then here is what he might be saying to me as I try to get a picture of him.

* "The whole fire hydrant thing is a myth "
* "Are you part of the Fn paparazzi"
* "I can't believe you wanna take a picture of me peeing on my first fire hydrant, this is truly embaressing."


Product review: whack a weasel 2000 +10

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My son and I recently watched a infomercial over @ world of weasels. It was a product that legally allows you to beat you kids. Kidding geash.....

My son was so excited, I told him I would get him one,and it arrived today. For a $19.95 it was worth every penny. Fun for the whole family, including the pets.

I had one disapoint though the infomercial never said weasels not included :( so I had to improvise.

I'd like to thank weasel momma for posting her video.

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Eye for detail?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tonight I'm going to share this lovely picture my son drew of Sleeping Beauty. He wasn't even 3 1/2 yet! I posted this on my Facebook, and the comments, that I got, had me in tears. Below are the comments, Hope you enjoy!

Amy: "who was robbie drawing with such lovely boobs??"

Whitebullie: "You notice that too!
It's a picture of Sleeping beauty."

Amy: "hahahaha... yes... first thing i noticed was that he drew boobs on a person! lol"

Amy: "most people draw long hair to identify a girl... go robbie!!! forget the hair... go for the private parts!"

Holly: "boys will be boys!"

Julie: "So it's NAKED Sleeping Beauty..."

Whitebullie: "Is it me or does One looks larger then the other?"

Julie: "Honey, they're always like that."

Whitebullie: "So thats what that mean when they say "this is my good side"
Thats the side that's larger!!!!"

Wifey: "maybe it has something to do with him being nursed, I think he did a great job for being 3, he drew all the important parts, lol"


Where's the hooker?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is their an appropriate age for a son to be asking "where's the hooker?"

I mean it's not like it's his eighteenth birthday, and I'm gonna make him a man, or he's getting married, and it's last night being a free man. I would never do that, so don't get the wrong idea about me, just adding some humor.

The question was asked over the summer. We were staying at my wife's aunt's place up in Ogunquit, Maine. I don't think thats a town where hookers hang out. My son, mother in-law, and her sisters were coming back from the pool. My wife and I were hanging out inside, when my son came in and asked "where's the hooker?" No idea what he meant, we begin laughing, of course he thought it was hysterical too.

After our laugh we learned he wanted to hang his towel up. one of the aunts must of told him to hang his towel up. What do you hang stuff on, that one end looks like a hook? A hanger, which wasn't figured out until we arrived home. But that's not the end of the story.....

Know when something funny, gets funnier? Thats exactly what happen. The next morning when we, were all getting ready to go down to the beach. My wife's mom comes out wearing a robe to cover up a her bathing suite. My thought (out-loud oops) "Robbie I found the hooker!" That drew the attention of my wife who came to see her mom in her bathing suite robe.

Let me describe it to you black, see thru, and lacy on the bottom and on the cuffs, and ends before the knees. She calls it a bathing suite robe, most call it lingerie. Tomatoe Tamato I guess.


New Page Layout!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll admit I have been slacking.........

I should have more post up, but instead I have been spending what little time, I have on searching for free blogger templates. If you have visited recently you my have noticed some frequent changes. I tried a few different templates. I really couldn't decide between three or two columns. I went with two to keep it less crowded......for now.

I used Picasa and photo bucket to create my banner.

Picasa was downloaded, and is a great piece of software. It has face recognition, a truly amazing feature. simple to use, tag a photo with the persons name, and it will go through and tag all your pictures the have them in it. then when you want to make a special calendar you click the persons name and every photo you have of them will appear. So if your tired of searching lots and lots of pictures, with the file names all looking something like DCS6011832, then you may want to download it. It's FREE!!!

Photo Bucket This one you most likely already use, or at least heard of it! this one has great photo editing tool, allowing you to add text to your photos. you can also add speech or thought bubbles, animated gifs, or use the effects to make your photo look like a painting, drawing, and many other artistic styles. No Download also FREE!!!

Anybody using either of these? Know anything Better? Oh what do you think of the new layout? Be honest : )


First ski lesson (sort of)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Last year we signed our son up for ski lessons which didn't turn out well. Maybe because of his age, or because of his finger. Either way we were lucky enough to be able to carry over the lessons for this year.

He was great! Didn't whine about falling down didn't whine about the cold. Unlike my wife who insisted I stand behind her to reflect the wind.

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