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Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll admit I have been slacking.........

I should have more post up, but instead I have been spending what little time, I have on searching for free blogger templates. If you have visited recently you my have noticed some frequent changes. I tried a few different templates. I really couldn't decide between three or two columns. I went with two to keep it less crowded......for now.

I used Picasa and photo bucket to create my banner.

Picasa was downloaded, and is a great piece of software. It has face recognition, a truly amazing feature. simple to use, tag a photo with the persons name, and it will go through and tag all your pictures the have them in it. then when you want to make a special calendar you click the persons name and every photo you have of them will appear. So if your tired of searching lots and lots of pictures, with the file names all looking something like DCS6011832, then you may want to download it. It's FREE!!!

Photo Bucket This one you most likely already use, or at least heard of it! this one has great photo editing tool, allowing you to add text to your photos. you can also add speech or thought bubbles, animated gifs, or use the effects to make your photo look like a painting, drawing, and many other artistic styles. No Download also FREE!!!

Anybody using either of these? Know anything Better? Oh what do you think of the new layout? Be honest : )


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