Monday, December 7, 2009

I recently joined!

It's a blogging community for dads (judging from the name) although Women are welcome. I've seen a few Ciara, and WeaselMomma, are two I've checked out......... There Blogs I'm talking about. From the couple post I've read, they're both funny, and worth reading. I'll be going back. This post isn't about them though, It's about a group project and a giveaway.

For the group project, all you have to do is blog about Tiger Woods. Should be easy, seems to be a hot topic, and just when you think the dust is starting to settle, someone gets a ride out of Tigers house on a stretcher. I'm not a 100% on how the group project works, so here is a link to the group project, it has the official rules!

Your probably wondering "what's the giveaway?" Joe Schatz the author of "Daddy, Where's Your Vagina? " is giving away three autographed copies! Click here for details on the giveaway. If you rather just buy a copy, you can do that here at Amazon.


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