Where's my sign?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A few weeks ago I discovered my son learned "wood" in sign language. I didn't believe it until we looked it up on the Internet. YouTube showed us a video that was what he basically doing. He's 3 alomost 4 so it was perfect, but you could clearly tell that's what he was attempting.

Where did he learn this? One of the shows he watches Dora, Wonder pets, mouskiteers, or any other of his many shows. Maybe they teach it at school. I'm still unclear, but I was leaning towards school, until today.

My wife and I were talking today about it today. Forget how we got on the subject, but I told her "they must teach it at school, because I seen some posted on the wall"..........."over by the sink" her replie "are you sure they weren't diagrams on washing your hands?"

Here's my sign :)

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