Naming a blog, Shouldn't be so tough!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have been trying to think of a blog name, a daddy themed one! I actually thought I had a great creative name "day by day by dad" unfortunatley, someone was just as clever, damn!

I didn't give up, while I was working I kept thinking of names About three hours later, I had my next big idea "dadday" damn, again already taken, WTF. I still thought I could come up with something original.

I started lose my patience, and decided to combine the two "day by day by dadday". I was happy at first then started thinking besides be tounge twista, it's also kind of long. I began a new blog "One Dadday", but wasn't happy with it.

I did come up with another name "Dadadah" like a super hero theme song! By no surprise it was taken, FML. Can nameing a blog be this tough, or am I being too picky?

I have picked "The Dad side" for my blog name!
Short, still a little creative, and not being used : )

Now I have to figure out how delete those other blogs I created.....


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