Picking up girls 101 (Ditch The Dad)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My son is turning four in March, and I found out today, I already cramp his style. We went to a one year old birthday party. It was for my wife's cousin, daughter, so 2nd cousin to him right? Anyways out of all the family that was there, and these aren't people he sees everyday, he was able to find a non family member to hit on.

It started off with a game of hide and seek, my son, Victoria, and Jaclyn. Victoria and Jaclyn were sisters. Jaclyn my sons age and Victoria, maybe three or four years older. They played for awhile until Jaclyn feel down, and cried. Perfect timing for the food to come out.

Robbie insisted he sat with his new friend. I walked over to the table and ask if we could sit with them. The father said sure, so Robbie sat down next to Victoria. He started off to tell her how when he was two he use to color his nails with markers, but mommy would get mad. yea a bit embarrassing for me, but then I notice, her nails were painted. Is this a classic move straight out of the book.

You probably seen movies about some schmuck who is in love with a girl, and just can't talk to her. Then a best friend or somebody, coaches him on how to act, and what to say. It's usually pick something out about her, and tell her you like it. Tell her you like her hair, or how beautiful her eyes are. I sat there asking myself, is he making friendly conversation or is he actually trying to pick her up?

As I started to ponder.....
(He ask her name earlier, she replied "Victoria". He then replied "That's a Beautiful name") Then my son taps me, and ask me "will you go play with someone else? your bothering me." For real? I'll admit I did keep interrupting their conversations with remarks like "stop playing with her hair" and "let go of her shirt". Still can't believe he said it..... Do I cry or laugh?

Todays lesson Ditch The Dad!


WeaselMomma January 26, 2010 at 1:36 PM  

Some wingman you are. He was 1/2 way to first base, in front of her father no less, and you were blowing it for him!

Seriously, this is a very cute story.

WhiteBullie January 27, 2010 at 6:26 PM  

@autie- Thank you!
@weaselmomma I never looked at it that way. LOL

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